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Big gay victory celebration in Minnesota

TweetCheck out this wonderful, cockle-warming video, taken from inside the war room of Minnesotans United for All Families, on election night. Minnesota voters were given the chance to write discrimination against LGBT Minnesotans into the state constitution. Minnesota’s gay marriage amendment, unlike those in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State, was a chance for voters to [...]
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Watch proposition “8,” the play online: Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jane Lynch and more

TweetIn his play “8,” Academy-award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance (Milk) uses actual court testimonies and media interviews to tell the story of Proposition Eight‘s trial, which sought to block marriage equality. The play premiered and live streamed Saturday in LA, and is directed by Rob Reiner and stars Brad Pitt, Jane Lynch, George Clooney, George Takei, [...]
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Jewish mothers lobby for right to nag all their kids about getting married

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TweetEven the gay ones. This lovely ad from New Yorkers United for Marriage stars the Blumenthals, a New York couple who have one straight son, who is married, and one gay son, who is not legally allowed to get married. And the Blumenthals want to change this. Because Jewish mothers like to bug their kids [...]
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Rosie Perez is so bad-ass.

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TweetI know Samhita mentioned Perez’s contribution on marriage equality in New York, but I just had to share the actual video — not only because she is a fellow New Yorker like myself, but she calls out Senator Ruben Diaz (who is also severely anti-choice). She also called abstinence-only education as “insane” back in our [...]
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I love me some Tim Gunn.

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TweetNo. Really. Love. This is part of the “It gets better,” video campaign started by Dan Savage and his partner Terry. Also, check out Sarah Silverman on gay bullying and Rosie Perez on why NY needs to pass gay marriage. Tweet
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