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Pantene says you can wash that sexism right out of your hair

Tweet Don’t you hate it how people are labelled differently for engaging in the same behaviour? What’s “persuasive” in a man is labelled “pushy” in a woman. A father who stays up all night working is “dedicated,” but a woman who does that is “selfish.” That is, like,  so unfair. Luckily, that problem has a [...]
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Ellen Degeneres endorses Bic For Her pens

TweetYou probably saw the Amazon reviews of Bic For Her pens, which went viral a few weeks back. Ellen Degeneres is a bit late to the party, but oh, am I glad she showed up. “They come in both lady colours: pink and purple, and they’re just like regular pens except they’re pink, so they [...]
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Modern Lady v. “Pinktober”

Originally posted in Feministing

TweetLast week on Infomania, Erin Gibson took a critical look at the corporate-sponsored pink-ribbon madness of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. http://current.com/shows/infomania/92725542_pinktoberbest-modern-lady-shows-some-pink.htm Gibson, who is clearly all for awareness and research funding, is nonetheless skeptical of companies that slap a pink ribbon on their products for the month of October, and of people who buy those [...]
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