Big gay victory celebration in Minnesota

Check out this wonderful, cockle-warming video, taken from inside the war room of Minnesotans United for All Families, on election night. Minnesota voters were given the chance to write discrimination against LGBT Minnesotans into the state constitution. Minnesota’s gay marriage amendment, unlike those in Maine, Maryland, and Washington State, was a chance for voters to say “no” to restricting rights rather than saying “yes” to broadening rights. Minnesotans said “hell no” to reserving marriage rights just for straight people.

In this video, the campaign manager of MUAF, Richard Carlbom, is in the middle of thanking his campaign staff and volunteers and warning them that it’ll be a while before they get a result… and then they get a result. The room goes wild and the person who was, up until then, diligently filming Carlbom’s speech, starts hugging people and filming their jackets. It’s terrible camera work, but who cares? Suck it, discrimination.

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