Rosie Perez is so bad-ass.

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I know Samhita mentioned Perez’s contribution on marriage equality in New York, but I just had to share the actual video — not only because she is a fellow New Yorker like myself, but she calls out Senator Ruben Diaz (who is also severely anti-choice). She also called abstinence-only education as “insane” back in our Bush days. Love.

Can you also guess my new favorite line is?

Transcript forthcoming.

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    Hi, I’m Rosie Perez. And I’m here talking to you today about the gays. I’m from Bushwick. For those of you who are clueless, it’s in Brooklyn, which is also known as the fourth largest city in the nation

    So, if you’re gay and for some crazy reason you want to get married, you can’t do it here, or anywhere in the state of New York for that matter. Maybe in Iowa, but not here. Are you kidding me? Iowa’s got the jump on us, New York? We’re the world’s freakin’ city! We take the lead and dictate to the rest on how to do things, and you can’t tie the knot if you bat for the other team? How whack is that! This is an embarrassment! When it comes to equality, in this state and in this country, gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else, period. That’s why I joined Fight Back New York. To send a message to all the anti-equality senators in Albany. This message matters to straight people too.

    I actually have a message for one Senator in particular. Senator Ruben Diaz. I’m extremely disappointed in your position on this matter. With all due respect, sir, your stand represents a lack of justice and equality on this issue. Please take note. You are not speaking for the majority of New York Latinos.

    Join me to support Fight Back new York.
    The more people get involved, the more money you donate, the more anti-equality Senators we can take out!
    Where I’m from, they’ve got this saying, “whatever creams your Twinkie,” you know what I’m saying? Live and let live.

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