Trailer: Dear White People puts conversations about race front and center

Originally posted in Feministing

The full length trailer for Dear White People has been released, and I can’t wait to see the movie. You may remember the Indiegogo campaign for the film, which was super successful and helped take Dear White People to Sundance, where it received rave reviews and was picked up for distribution.

Check out the trailer after the jump: Read More »

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Video: This is what “pro-life” terrorism looks like

Democracy Now! has a terrible but important story about a how an abortion provider who survived legal challenges and firebombings is finally shutting down her clinic because of vandalism.

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It’s time for black men to stop building culture around the destruction of black women

Yesterday, I watched my friends Marc Lamont Hill and Brittney Cooper do this HuffPost Live segment entitled “Do ‘Hood Sites’ Normalize Black Stereotypes?” The conversation was mostly about the infamous and their penchant for posting videos of black youth engaged in violence toward one another. These videos generate thousands upon thousands of hits, are circulated widely, and become entertainment for many. The discussion was about whether or not the distribution and popularity of these videos help to perpetuate stereotypes that are heaped onto blackness.

On that particular question, I think there’s a “yes, but…” These videos don’t help combat the stereotypes, but they would exist even without WorldStar. Getting rid of the video hosting site would not end the violence that just so happens to get documented there. But Brittney brought up an excellent point, that part of what drives the traffic at WorldStar is videos of young black girls fighting one another. The brutal “Sharkeisha” video is one of the most recent examples. And, as Brittney noted, while there’s this larger cultural concern for the violence black boys commit toward one another, a snickering goes on as we watch and circulate videos of black girls being violent. There isn’t the same type of conversation about root causes or understanding or compassion.  Read More »

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Video: Conversations on prison abolition with Reina Gossett and Dean Spade

Originally posted in Feministing

Dean Spade and Reina Gossett, w text on pic that says "Dismantling structures of violence"

Have you been thinking about prison abolition, but have some questions about its practical applications beyond the seemingly-far-away dream of a prison-free world? Do you have questions about what it means to work towards prison abolition in your daily life? Have you been wondering about the intersections of prison abolition and trans liberation? Then this amazing video series at the Barnard Center for Research and Women featuring conversations between Reina Gossett and Dean Spade is for you. Read More »

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SNL’s unfunny, racist White Christmas sketch tops off a year of embarrassing white pop culture

Paul Rudd dressed as a grandmother wielding a gun in SNL's White Christmas sketch

Saturday Night Live is really running with their jokes about how they’re aware of the criticism that their cast is super white and male. They think it’s hilarious and edgy to joke about that while not actually recruiting women of color to join the cast. Their latest not remotely funny bit of hipster racism came this weekend (after an opening monologue that featured the white guys from Anchorman 2 and the almost all white guys from One Direction. It was really white and dudely) with this White Christmas sketch. Warning: it’s racist. Read More »

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